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Survival Knives

Be sure to pack a knife in your bug-out bag. The selection of a quality knife for your BOB is key to your potential survival in post SHTF situations. Or, even cluelessly getting lost in the woods while hunting. Don't do that, it's embarassing! We're not talking the "survival kinfe" with the hollow handle with fish hooks, other junk in it with a cheezy compass on the end of the handle for $9.95 from Wally World. You will have to lay out a few bucks for a real knife. A minimum requirement is that it be 'full tine', which means it's one chunk of steel from the point to the butt, and stout enough to be driven through a tree using a hammer. (Don't try that, it's a visual image I trying to get to you).

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife


One of the most valuable tools that you can use in the wild is the survival knife. I personally have an M1 bayonet in my BOB. Found it at the typical surplus store, figured if it's rugged enough to deal with military combat situations, it's probably going to work fine for me.

Some people call it a hunting knife because it's rather large, but it's far more than that.

There are a few major ways to use a knife. Some of them are obvious but not many people know how versitiale a quality knife can be.

Knives are great to start fires with. Making kindling with a knife, shaving off thin, easy to light slivers of wood is just a start. Striking the spine of a knife on flint or similar rock creates sparks that can start a fire. I caution you about using the sharp edge whacking on rocks or your sparker to make sparks. You may need that sharp edge undamaged or still sharp later on. Also those of us out there who have firestarting spark makers may notice the steel striker for those is a square edged chunk of steel. Once again, use the back side of the knife making sparks.


(The type spark maker I use: )


Hunting is a basic reason for owning a knife. Even assuming that your firearm works and you have taken a deer or whatever, you will still need a quality knife. There are times we may not have guns and we will need to survive. In that case, hunting may be done with a knife.

You can use a knife to make a snare trap, as well as stab your prey using your knife strapped to the end of a sturdy branch, transforming that into a spear. Study these techiques BEFORE you're starving in the woods. A knife can also be used to skin and prepare the animals that you have killed.

You just never know where you’re going to be when things get serious about getting from point A to point B. A survival kinfe with some 'size' to it will be very useful during travel through the woods and brush. Also mighty handy for 'construtcion' around a campsite.

If you must defend yourself or family against an attacker, it’s better to have a weapon than not. No kiddin', right? However, 99.9% of folks have no clue what kinfe fighting is about. Get some training in person or at least do some serious study with video training. Having a 'cool, mean looking' knife means nothing but a souviner for the guy who killed you, if you don't have some fighting skills along with that knife.


Get a survival knife strong enough to cut through average sized tree branches, like about as big around as you can grasp with your fingers touching your thumb as you hold it. Do this like working with a hatchet. For spliting branches into smaller strips, you can pound the knife through the branch using another length of tree limb. NEVER pound on your kinfe with a rock, hammer or other junk that can damage the blade. You can actually saw fairly well with them, if they have the 'saw tooth' spine. You can also use the knife to make kindling, mentioned earlier.

A major thing you can do is make spears, arrows and other simple and sharp weapons using a knife and found materials around you. Some even suggest you could make a bow for your arrow collection. If you have time, the materials and the skills, it could certaily be done. Practice NOW before you're starving and trying to whittle out a hunting weapon.

Knives are for cutting rope, bandages and stuff that needs cutting. Reckon that's why our stone age ancestors invented the tool, right? From preparing game taken for food to building basic survival shelter, you can't beat a quality surivival knife.

You can find over 100 quality edged knives, tools and weapons here:

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