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Surviving Urban Crisis Blog

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OK, brand new blog page, brand new blogger, here we go abloggin'.

Welcome, folks, to the Surviving Urban Crisis blog page. This blog will be to expand the knowledge base started in my book Surviving Urban Crisis available at

I spent a little more than six months writing the book, but still never stuffed it with everything I wanted to, because as soon as I finished a chapter or topic, something new would occur to me and I would stuff it in. Well, if I didn't make a cut off somewhere, I would still be writing and it wouldn't be published yet. So, all that spare stuff will be on here eventually, one topic at a time, one idea at a time.

We'll be discussing the four main topics of the book, beans, basics, bullion, and bullets in no particular order. But of course they can be found in the tags or search box if the topic is in the blog somewhere. Not to say these will be the only topics, but there's a mess of information under each heading, and there's also the random stuff tossed in, such as political discussion on how the government can, does and will effect your survival in the coming mess. Loads of topics to come like firearms, training, self defense, food storage, fuel storage, water, bug out bags, bug out vehicles....too much to name right here.

So, do come around often, the blog will be constantly evolving like the website  and the Surviving Urban Crisis Supply Store


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