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E.M.P. Weapons and natural event disasters

A discussion concerning the real threat of ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE effects on the power grid. Wether from a weapon or a natural event like massive solar flares, our power grid is vulnerable.

Overlooking a report delivered to congress let’s look at some of what the ‘official’ report was all about.

What it is:

“Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an intense energy field that can instantly overload or disrupt numerous  electrical circuits at a distance.  Modern high technology microcircuits are especially sensitive to power surges, and the possible vulnerability of U.S. civilian computer systems to the effects of EMP has been discussed in the media.  EMP can be produced on a large scale using a single nuclear explosion, and on a smaller, non-nuclear scale using a device with batteries or chemical explosives.  Several nations, including reported sponsor s of terrorism, may currently have a capability to use EMP as a weapon for cyber warfare or cyber terrorism, to disrupt computers, communications systems, or parts of the U.S. critical infrastructure.”

As usual, we have the daydreamers on one hand that claim the event won’t be that big a deal. On the other we have those who believe we could be seriously damaged, with many years to recover with substantial loss of life because of the disruption of the grid, meaning nearly anything electrical won’t work for months or perhaps years, from possible long-term disruption of power, fuel distribution, transportation systems, food and water supplies, hospitals, and law enforcement communications, as well as military communications systems which utilize the civilian infrastructure. Can you think of anything in your home today that doesn’t have some connection to the grid? Yeah, all that stuff just might be gone for a long time.

What may survive the pulse? You. Doesn't effect people who don't depend on electronic devices to stay alive. Old timey 'tube' radio equipment. Older style electronics may be more resistent than the more modern, super condensed stuff. Other reports on EMP have speculated that 'most' cars might not be that damaged, only shutting off momentarily. Which may prove to be highly inconvienient on the expressway. So, IF you don't get hurt or killed during that fun, your car 'may' crank again. But if the nationwide grid is down, the only gas you'll see for a long time is already in your tank. How's that fuel gage looking today?

Preparing for general, major disasters will help you cope with situations like this far better than the average person. Better get prepared.

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